Curtain drop


Curtain Drop

The curtain drop is the length from the top to the bottom of the curtain - we will make all the necessary allowances for hems. The drop will depend on where the base of the curtain is to finish and the heading style.

Curtain Base

Curtains are best hung either to the floor, to a radiator, below a sill or to a sill. Always measure in several places. We recommend using a metal tape measure to ensue an accurate measurement.

The following allowances should be made:

13mm (1/2") above the carpet or radiator (remember to make an extra allowance if carpets have not yet been laid).
15 - 20cm (6" to 8") below the sill.


Increasingly blinds are becoming a popular option for many people, we are able to offer a large selection
of Venetian blinds wood or aluminium, roller blinds, roman and verticals, and as all our blinds are made individually for you if you want a Venetian blind made up of more than one colour you can have it, if you would prefer your roman blinds to have a border of a contrasting colour or fabric, you can have it, if your roller blind would suit a suede trim, have it we encourage you to be your own designer and mix and match with the samples we have so your blinds really are individual to you. Or keep it simple with the plainest of blinds in the perfect fabric, We are also able to supply blinds for Velux windows just let us have the Velux reference. Feel free to bring us in tile samples, floor samples or anything else you would like us to match to with the ranges we have I`m confident we can find something that will work for you.

Measuring for Blinds

Blinds may be fitted either inside or outside the window recess. If a blind is being fitted inside a recess, please quote 'recess size' and we will make an adjustment for a perfect fit at the time of manufacture. If a blind is being fitted outside a recess, please quote 'blind size'. Should you need any advice, please do ask.

Measure window inside

Measuring blinds to fit inside a recess (see image above).

1. Measure the width and the drop in 3 positions, noting any protrusions such as dado rails and tiles.
2. Make a note of the smallest width and drop measurement in millimeters (mm).
3. Please quote the 'recess size' and we will make the necessary adjustments to allow the blind to fit the recess.

Measuring blinds to fit outside a recess (see image below).

1. Allow the blind to extend approximately 50 - 100mm above and below the window and 50 - 100mm either side.
2. Make a not of the required width and drop in millimetres.
3. Please quote 'blind size' and this is the size we will make.

Measure window outside