Accessibility of This Site

Accessibility of this site - we will endeavour to make this site as accessible as possible to disabled users. We wish to ensure this for the maximum utility of our customers and to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The notes below show some of the ways this has been done.

1. All text can be resized by using browser functions - use the Ctrl key & either plus or minus keys, and by use ofthe View Menu then Text Size.

2. Images - place the mouse cursor over images to obtain the alternative description.

3. Navigate without a mouse - use the tab key and enter key to navigate this site.

4. All menu items have access keys.

5. Colours used on this site have been checked using an Accessibility Colour Wheel.

6. Find information using the Site Map

7. Terms, Conditions & Privacy. Read about the use of this site.

8. This site can be read using screenreader software such as Fire Vox.