Eleanor’s Top Tips for Finishing Touches

Having worked in the soft furnishings industry for many years, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is helping people to identify, visualise and achieve the right style of soft furnishings for them.

Your home should reflect your own individual style and, with so many styles of fabric, curtain poles and other soft furnishings on offer, choosing the right one that creates the perfect mood for your room can be a difficult task.

When choosing how to work a colour scheme into your home, consider:

  • What are your particular style and tastes?
  • What makes you feel good when you enter a room?
  • How can the décor that you choose reflect your mood?

Depending on the individual room and its use, you might want to consider different styles of décor within your home. For a restful and relaxing bedroom, for example, there are many different styles of soft furnishings that can be worked together that will deliver that peaceful place. On the other hand, some individuals prefer a more fun and vibrant look and prefer to pick bright and funky colour schemes for their rooms. There is no wrong or right style to choose for your home, it is simply your choice!

Interior design trends move quickly and it can be costly keeping up with the latest styles. You can however make subtle changes to your room using cushions and throws, lighting and rugs to create a more modern feel in line with current trends.
Small additions to your curtains and blinds can also work wonders in transforming the overall look of a room. Add in a colourful boarder to your curtain or blind and add in bead trims for that extra touch.

Here at The Curtain House in Colchester, we are always happy to discuss your soft furnishing needs. We can bring samples to your house so you can really get a feel for how the fabric will look in your room, and our advice is free.

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